Taiyuan Railway Machinery School, founded in August 1949, is the first railway school established in North China on the eve of the founding of New China. In the past 70 years, it has trained more than 60,000 professional and

TaiYuan RailWay Machinery School Introduction

Taiyuan Railway Mechanical School was founded in August 1949, Shanxi Province Department of Education directly under the full-time state-level key secondary school. The school is located in WuCheng East Street Taiyuan City, No. 20 , convenient transportation, beautiful environment.

Since its establishment, the school to implement the party's education policy, adhering to the "self-improvement, to strict governance of the school," the glorious tradition, and always adhere to the "people-oriented, Houde weight technology, quality and Colleges, to serve the community" school of thought in order to adapt to the economic culture social development of high-quality workers and skilled personnel for the goal, active service in Shanxi's economic construction and railway modernization, and formed a full-time secondary vocational education, adult education, vocational training, professional skill development of the multi-synchronous School-level pattern. 60 years to develop all kinds of talents at all levels of 5 thousand for Shanxi's economic construction and railway modernization have made outstanding contributions. In recent years, the school has access to "advanced unit of the national education system", "civilized and harmonious unit in Shanxi Province", "advanced unit in Shanxi Province, a Safe Campus", "advanced unit in Shanxi Vocational Education", "civilized and harmonious unit of Taiyuan model", etc. number of honorary titles.

School occupies a total area of 13 square meters, construction area of 12 thousand square meters, nearly 8,000 students in school, Yu Wan in the number of students who register. Has 22 secondary specialized schools, including the use of electric locomotives and the maintenance, use and maintenance of railway vehicles such as seven rail-specific applications of professional electrical and mechanical equipment, numerical control technology and other 15 social common professional, five provincial-level demonstration major, 2 a Ministry of Railways outstanding professional. The school has a fully functional campus network, running efficient information management systems and digital teaching resource library, extensive use of multimedia teaching, and the office and the modernization of teaching methods.

School Talent Strategy implementation. Teachers rigorous scholarship, teaching sophisticated business, professional skilled. The existing staff of 283 people, 81 senior titles, 38 with master teachers, workers and 22 technicians, two qualified teachers to 86%. Professional school provincial leaders, key teachers and teaching experts in Shanxi Province and other outstanding young teachers teaching 15, 40 people participated in key international and provincial teacher training. Dozens of people at all levels of teaching and research and academic institutions all kinds of people in charge of governing and so on. Hundreds of teachers teaching the editor had published.

Well-equipped teaching, experiment and training facilities. NC has a national vocational education training base, training base level welders, electrical and electronic practice base at the provincial level, the Ministry of Railways electric locomotive driver training base, CNC multi-media training room, welding training room, training room fitter , graphic design training room, training room animation and advertising in schools and a number of high-level practical training places. 2556 sets of training equipment, training, teaching equipment for the total value of 22 million yuan. The school has 40 enterprises with established internship training base, students learn professional skills closer to actual production, railway construction and social development to meet the requirements of steady improvement in the quality of school education.

Students adhere to people-centered management, moral education for the first philosophy, the militarization of the management tools, enhanced daily behavior to develop education and highlight the style of study and ideological and moral construction, establish the students work hard, rigorous and realistic sound quality; adhere to the activities of educating people, student organizations flourish, rich and varied cultural activities on campus, improve the overall quality of the students. State grants paid the full implementation of the policy, and establish various types of financial assistance to students from poor system for the students complete their studies provided a guarantee.

Schools adhere to the service for the purpose of employment-oriented mission, actively carry out order training, promoting the school-enterprise cooperation, work and study, work-study training model, strengthen the students practical skills and vocational skills training, in the previous state and vocational skills contest in Shanxi Province have achieved excellent results, established the school in vocational education in Shanxi's brand position. Attach great importance to graduate employment, with nearly one hundred companies established a school-enterprise cooperation, according to the needs of employers, targeted specifically for students of vocational skills training positions, graduates work hard, competitive ability, by employing units welcome. The employment rate has remained at 95%.

Given the great development of vocational education in the sacred historical mission of the school teachers and students in the spirit of the party's congress under the guidance of the provincial government and the provincial education department under the correct leadership, in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development, serious National Education Conference in the spirit of learning and the "long-term reform and development of the State Plan", to deepen teaching reform, innovation and development model, optimize the educational management, enhance educational capabilities, broaden employment channels, deepening teaching reform, innovation and development model, optimize the educational management enhance the educational capabilities, broaden employment channels for the school into a national model of vocational schools and vocational schools in the national characteristics and work hard.

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